Dear editor:

Let’s see. Patrick [“Let’s Ban Smoking Outright,” March 18] was a smoker. Then he quit. Then he found out that lots and lots of people die from tobacco related causes. So, if we have a prohibition on tobacco, that would be just like the abolition of slavery. Are you with me so far? I just made Patrick Griffin’s argument without putting you to sleep.

I’d like to suggest another topic for him. This is something very hazardous to the health, like tobacco, which destroys families, gets people physically and emotionally crippled and killed. It costs the economy billions and billions of dollars every year. It is called jail. And it is spreading fast. It is already our biggest growth industry, and when tobacco is prohibited, then the prison population will foam over like extraneous words in a Patrick Griffin article.

Maybe my own objectivity is limited by the facts, but didn’t Abolition have something to do with freedom? Is he really suggesting three Lucky Strikes and you’re out? Is Griffin’s crusade for the Abolition of Freedom something we’ll praise in hindsight, or has the Reader just given us the sight of another hind?

Lionel Bottari

W. 20th Place