To the editors:

Thank you very much for the lead article by Kitry Krause “Child in the Streets” (Friday, July 1). Timothy’s expose was a very worthwhile read. Much of the experience outlined by Timothy is accurate and informative. There is one aspect however that the article misleads and this has to do with homosexuality.

For many gay and lesbian Christians, there is a “third” conversion that comes when one finds that God accepts us “just as we are as gay and lesbian persons.” Timothy has not yet experienced this yet. From what he has experienced already, from drug abuse, sexual abuse, physical assault and AIDS/ARC and the Occult, he should not be in any rush to leap into yet another spiritual journey, but he should prepare himself for this one to come. Many members of the Universal Fellowship Metropolitan Community Churches and other pro-gay “reconciling” churches have found that they can live good, productive lives as gay/lesbian Christians and develop mutual, holy relationships with same-sex partners of our own choosing.

There are many spiritual journeys. The ex-homosexuality route may last several months in a born-again church, but it won’t last. I would encourage those who seek an inclusive Christianity as homosexuals to explore churches and synagogues that are less judgmental and offer spiritual support systems to be completely who we are as persons. I congratulate the real Timothy for what he has already achieved. He just can go even further in his faith journey.

Reverend Timm Peterson

Program Director

Good Shepherd Parish