Your question of where’s the opposition should be reworded [“You Can’t Get There From Here,” September 5]: Where’s the mainstream press?

I applaud the CTA for the fare-card payment system, which I think is efficient and quick. But it’s ironic that the CTA wants people to get out of their cars and get on the bus. During rush hours, the accommodations are horrible. The people are packed in like sardines. The only line that has new cars and air conditioning and is clean and spacious is the Ravenswood, which by the way carries mainly whites and yuppies to the north side of Chicago. The red line is overwhelmed with traffic and ridership.

When I leave work at 4 PM it takes me 50 minutes to get from Fullerton to Wilson and Broadway. When I get to the el station at Fullerton the train runs every 15 minutes. There is never an explanation for the lateness of the train or why three buses arrive at the same time. Pick any line any time of day, and somewhere three buses will arrive at the same time.

Another irony: the CTA is going to have one conductor on all el lines. I caution them not to do that, especially with the long cars. I had a door shut on me because the conductor couldn’t see around the curve at the Fullerton stop. Is the CTA opening itself up to lawsuits?

I have made a pledge to buy a motor scooter next spring. I’m 50 years old and I see lots of people, old and young, riding motor scooters. The Chicago highways and streets are overcrowded. We need public transportation. We need efficient, quick-running public transportation.

Li Wright