To the editors:

Re: your honorific review of my 1-man show, “Woollcott Died for You!” (Reader 9-22-89). Have contacted law firm of Winken, Blinken & Nod, who I found in dis bar. Can report good time had by all. Am reminded of G.B. Shaw’s retort to an interloper who screamed that his new show was rotten: “You and I know that, but who are we among so many?” Have been playwrighting and acting 30 years; at age of 50 desire to continue being silly another 20 years. My idea of “play” is “to play,” and my various theatre companies over the years have always done that. Should reviewer grow up, perhaps he will be able to have fun too. He must guard against his pubescent, but quixotic energies getting the better of his meager intelligence again. “Woollcott Died” lives, of course. Watch for it in more trendy papers. No need for further stupid re-rebuttals. Cheers.

Bill Thomas


N. LaSalle