To the editors:

It was with a mixture of strong emotions that I read Harold Henderson’s “Back From the USSR” in your 3 May issue.

On the one hand, I was very pleased to see a whole lot of truth finally being told in the Reader about what the Soviet Socialist Republics are really all about (“Everything there is corrupt”).

On the other hand, I felt this incredible urge to shout “Where the heck have you people been for the last 50-74 years?” Does one really have to be a hard core libertarian or conservative to know just how bad Socialism is?

Does it really take a trip to the actual scene of the crime to appreciate what the differences between a free and socialist system are? I guess it is true for a great many people, but just give me a few articles, books or speeches by Ayn Rand, Ludwig von Mises or Milton Friedman and I’ll show you how Marx, Lenin or Gorbachev will kill or enslave you with their “workers paradise” or “social justice.”

Patrick T. Peterson

Development Director

Heartland Institute