I guess Chris Lawrence [The Works, January 12] feels that running for elective office should be as simple as having a sign-up sheet at City Hall and whoever writes their name on it would be a bona fide candidate.

Frankly, I have trouble generating sympathy for someone that is aspiring to run for a legislative, lawmaking office who cannot obviously handle the details required to even get on the ballot.

If Chris Lawrence’s candidacy (or any other aspiring alderman wannabe) was tripped up for failing to comply with the law, however arcane, what would we expect from them if they actually became members of the City Council and had to review such intricate matters as the city’s municipal code of ordinances, labor contracts, financial bond instruments, tax increment financing agreements, leases, etc.

Running for a legislative seat in the nation’s third-largest city should have some barriers to entry and not be the equivalent of running for the high school student council.

Darryl Mitchell

South Loop