I have read Ben Joravsky’s article on Kimberly Johnson and City Colleges [Neighborhood News, June 16], and all I can say is you have arrived with too little too late. We, the dedicated teachers in the City Colleges system, have been battered and attacked from all sides.

First, we have been barraged from above: Gidwitz has expertly played the city into his hands, especially with his latest legislative amendment which destroys any rights teachers may have. We have no benefits, no insurance, no sick days, no respect. Ninety-six million dollars of our money was lost due to irresponsible financial speculation and that man still has his job.

Second, we have been abandoned by our own union that has waffled and pointed fingers for–well, since forever. When our contract expired in July of 1994, they did next to nothing. The national branch does not support the local branch at all because the national branch has sweet deals with the politicos of Chicago.

Finally, we have been left to die by the press. Repeatedly, all of us have contacted the TV stations, the press, the radio stations, and our pleas have fallen on deaf ears. Where were you when the story was hot?

Too little too late.

Robert A. Saigh

Adult Educator/Writer

Lakeview Learning Center