Two weeks ago I attended the Seldoms’ concert Lil’ Roy and the Weird Sisters. It was a terrific show and brilliantly executed. The applause was one of the most generous I have ever heard from an audience. You gave the show a critic’s choice [September 10], and it was a great call. Congratulations!

To my shock and disbelief, in the following issue of the Reader one of your reviewers (Kelly was the name, I think) wrote a review of it and called it “Shut Up and Dance.” This reviewer completely slammed this show, and the tone was ugly and contemptible. How did this happen??

A few questions. How could a show get a critic’s choice and then get slammed the following week? Which reviews are your readers to believe? How on earth did your critic confuse Lil’ Roy as a dance concert when it was clearly stated at the show that it was “interdisciplinary performance art,” which no doubt it was? Whatever provoked your critic to write such an untruthful and deliberately mean-spirited review? Lastly, I understand that all the Seldoms’ material is original. I admire their work and their ingenuity and willingness to take chances. I imagine it must be incredibly hard for them, as well as the rest of the Chicago arts community, to get attacked so viciously. I believe that this reviewer, and others like her (or him) are the bane of the Chicago art community. Too bad. And too bad that such a nasty and mean person got a spot in the premier beautiful redesign of your paper.

Please, I beg you, find critics who are able to write objectively and offer positive criticism that will inspire the Chicago art community.

Gene Skala

Rogers Park