To the editors:

Concerning “Dirt Rich” [March 27]:

Newspapers and magazines are always ready to do cover stories about the symptoms of the worldwide human overpopulation problem–in this case, loss of fertile farmland to suburban sprawl. When it comes to facing the root cause of the problem, and alerting the public to the fact that the problem exists, and would be solvable if we addressed it intelligently, almost never does a general-interest publication have the combination of insight, foresight, and courage to do that.

At current growth rates, the world will double its population in less than 40 years. U.S. population is growing by more than a million each year. Global population is growing at a rate of a quarter million people per day.

Yet most of the American public remains unaware of this crucial problem. I can understand why greedy, shortsighted politicians avoid facing this issue, but I can’t begin to understand why the press is failing to alert the people about this huge and ever-growing problem that exacerbates practically all of the problems that humanity faces now, including deforestation, global warming, hunger, poverty, water and air pollution, shortage of water and other resources, urban and suburban congestion, political instability in the third world, and general decline in quality of life.

Future historians will look back at our age as the time when the earth was gang-raped by human lemmings. Our progeny will probably look back and curse us for the terrible damage done to the earth in the early 21st century, when ten billion people are expected to be swarming over this planet, devouring, pissing, and shitting everywhere.

Ken Babbin

W. Chase

PS: If you think I’m misinformed, contact the Population Institute, 110 Maryland Ave, NE, Suite 207, Washington, D.C. 20002.