To the editors:

This is in response to your article concerning the Edgewater Community Council’s (ECC) attempt to block construction of six CHA town houses on the 5400 block of North Winthrop [Neighborhood News, September 14]. As President of the Edgewater Beach Neighbors’ Association (EBNA) (the area block club made up of local residents) which includes the 5400 block of Winthrop, I wish to clarify some misperceptions and misunderstandings.

First, EBNA requested ECC to intervene on our behalf to prevent the construction of additional low income housing in our area. The Edgewater Beach neighborhood is a culturally, racially and ethnically diverse and integrated area which makes it one of the more enjoyable and interesting places to live in Chicago. However, over half of the residents in the area are classified as living in low income housing. The housing is not all CHA housing, but it is low income housing nonetheless. This reality impacts on the health and well being of our business strips in a negative manner. Therefore, EBNA believes that in order to keep the neighborhood healthy economically and strengthen the vitality of our neighborhood, no additional low income housing should be created in our area. For those who doubt our sincerity, I suggest they walk down Bryn Mawr and see for themselves the economic consequences of that reality.

Gerald J. Marcoccia


Edgewater Beach Neighbor’s Association