To the editors:

I tried, I really tried to read Mr. Margasak’s undoubtedly well researched and thoughtfully crafted article chronicling the Future/Now Films-Wayne Kramer hissy fit [“The MC5 Movie You May Never See,” April 23]. But somewhere around the fifth or sixth arcane citation of American entertainment law, I folded. Is it any surprise the film has too? Suddenly the story of an all-too-familiar legal battle has overshadowed the astonishing story the Five lived and Dave and Laurel set out to secure for posterity. Isn’t this the sort of thing the music to which we gave a half century of our lives was supposed to blow up once and for all? Yes, we’re all pragmatists now and asses must be covered. But it sure looks to me as though there was plenty of ass coverage to go around. Given the amount of ink the fight has garnered, perhaps we should be looking forward to “The Trials of the MC5: A True Testimonial” documentary. Assuming proper legal clearances, of course.

Tom Lunt

Minister of Culture

The Numero Group

N. Winchester