To the editors:

This letter is in response to your article published in the Reader “Babies Wanted” [May 12].

My husband and I adopted a baby through Family Counseling Clinic, Inc., located in Grayslake, Ill. Once we had made our decision to adopt, we read books and articles on the subject and decided to seek help from the Family Counseling Clinic. The help and understanding we received while pursuing our adoption was wonderful. The Agency educated us on the adoption process and gave us the opportunity to meet with other adoptive parents and also prospective birthmothers. I think what impressed us most about this Agency was the care, understanding and counseling given to both adoptive parents and prospective birthmothers.

We were able to meet our child’s birthmother and have corresponded with and sent pictures through the Agency. After our child was placed with us counseling was available to both us and our child’s birthmother.

I can’t imagine going through adoption without the help of an Agency. The Social Workers are a wonderful support system for both adoptive parents and birthmothers. Counseling is given to all expectant girls whether they choose to put up their babies for adoption or not. I think that’s so important because their final decision will probably be the most important decision of their life.

I’m sure not all Agencies work the same way that Family Counseling does, but this Agency is top notch and has everyone’s best interest at heart. It’s just too bad that those few unworthy Agencies have soured people’s views of the “Agency Adoption.”

Also, our adoption cost just under $10,000. And from orientation to the time our baby was placed in our arms was eleven months. Our baby is a healthy white infant.

Adoptive mother and father

Bryan Miller replies:

“Babies Wanted” was never intended as an exhaustive study of adoption agencies, but rather as a general exploration of the option of private adoption. It sounds as though Family Counseling Clinic has done its best to bring together the best aspects of both agency and private adoptions, as the mail from its loyal clientele demonstrates. The only response can be, “More power to them!”

However, the opinion that “It’s just too bad that these few unworthy Agencies have soured people’s views of the “Agency Adoption”‘ is inaccurate. The closed adoption is still the standard for the majority of agencies, as my research with half a dozen of the Chicago area’s largest adoption agencies demonstrated. Agencies that permit open adoption are still definitely the exception, not the rule.