Michael Miner [Hot Type, June 24] quotes some details about the alleged abuses at Guantanamo and imagines that he’s proven that Dick Durbin’s comparison of the U.S. forces to Nazis, the gulag, Pol Pot, Khan Noonien Singh, etc is dead-on. In fact, all he’s proven is that he’s as big a historical ignoramus as our esteemed senator, unless he thinks that at Auschwitz or in the gulag they issued Talmuds to all the Jewish prisoners and the gestapo and OGPU routinely investigated and disciplined camp guards who didn’t respect their prisoners’ basic human rights. Something can be lamentable, unworthy of the American system (though considering Guantanamo is in Cuba, it’s a lot closer to the norm there), and still be so far short of the utter inhumanity of the Nazi, Soviet, or Pol Pot regimes that the comparison is obscene, not to mention dumb as a tree trunk or a Chomsky admirer.

If, since his article appeared, Miner has been taken away for psychiatric imprisonment, been denounced by his own relatives in front of his entire village, or beaten to death in a rice paddy for being literate, I take back everything I said. Otherwise, read some history before the next time you try to score cheap points off Bush, citizen.

Michael Gebert

W. Newport

Michael Miner replies:

Among other details that escaped good citizen Gebert, I wasn’t writing about Bush.