To the editors:

Was very much interested in your article on “Tot Control” [November 13] and behavior modification. However, your article didn’t give any attention to the oldest, most time-honored method of child behavior modification. I refer to a system millions of years old and guaranteed to work 20 times faster than merely ignoring a child’s bad behavior. Specifically I refer to–you must have guessed by now–fist psychology.

I have used fist psychology on all of my three children, and they are, in the main, now confident young adults, completely at ease in any surroundings, dominant in all situations, and without any doubts. They are totally together and so sure of themselves that their peers naturally look to them for guidance.

These are the three things a parent owes a child: 1.) Affection, so he knows he is lovable; 2.) Compliments, so he knows he is capable; 3.) Guidance, so he can survive in a difficult world.

It is a common misconception that a parent also owes a child food, clothing, and lodging. But these things can be had from many other sources.

It is not guidance, however, to merely ignore a child’s sociopathic behavior. This is a parent defaulting on his obligation to his child. The Good Lord knew what He was doing when He invented the smack in the teeth, which is an excellent training tool by virtue of its verisimilitude and simulation of an adult’s real life.

Neil Elliott