Harold Henderson’s article on the Indiana Harbor Canal dredging project in the January 21 Reader has had wide readership in the Calumet region, where it provides the most complete and balanced account of this unbelievably dragged out and mismanaged project. I can only hope that someone at the Army Corps of Engineers read it also and realized that it documents that agency’s ongoing incompetence. Not to mention major contribution to the federal deficit. Perhaps you should also document how the U.S. Steel Company completed its dredging project to remove contaminated sediments in the Grand Calumet River below budget and ahead of schedule with before, during, and ongoing consultation with neighboring communities.

Please keep Harold busy–there are lots more stories to be told about how the corps stays busy making things worse and then somehow persuading Congress to keep them in business undoing what went wrong, the Florida Everglades being the largest current example. Wonder how much less toxic mud there would be in the ship canal if the corps had done it right the first time it tried in the 1970s?

Lee Botts

Gary, Indiana