Mr. Hayes:

Joy wasn’t “trapped” [December 13]. And “the system” didn’t let her down. Damien had been arrested numerous times and had several convictions for domestic-related batteries and assaults. He served his time and was released when that time was up, as required by law. And yet every time he was released Joy accepted this worthless man back into her life. A man who wouldn’t acknowledge their children as his, yet kept returning to enjoy the sexual fruits of their sad (and apparently, on her side, sexually exclusive) relationship.

And Joy states that her reasoning for continued sexual trysts with this man, who would deny his fathering her children, was so that he would “return to visit his children”? Riiight.

If any outside influence is “to blame” for Joy’s dilemma, it was her parents’ stifling upbringing of her in Florida in that church her father pastored. Watching any movie made past 1960 was a sin? Give me a break. Joy became everything her parents feared the outside world would force her to become, sexually loose with a common loser, due to ignorance fostered by her parents’ “divine” way of life. Don’t blame that on “the system.” Joy got more service from “the system” than most women in her situation. Granted, the system isn’t perfect, but neither are the decisions that some women choose to make with regard to whom they choose to keep company with. Don’t expect the courts to keep apart people who, for whatever their reasons, refuse to stay that way.

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