To the editor,

First off, I really must thank Chris Hayes for the wonderful unbiased article on Treasure Island and the union [“The Battle for Treasure Island,” June 25]. When first approached by Chris to do an interview, I was very leery about giving my consent. After talking it over with my coworkers (from every location) a group of us agreed to give the interview.

Chris was very thorough on collecting facts, reinterviewing a number of us by phone to clear up any questions he had in his mind.

As for John Rosen [Letters, July 9] and his claim of owners always finding class traitors like O’Connor and Connolly to stab fellow coworkers for an extra nickel: ridiculous. My coworkers and I were very disappointed with local 881. No mention of how negotiations were proceeding,

a call by the union for a contract-ratification meeting, then no contract or proposal to vote on or look at, then told that there would be no vote on the informational picket in front of all the stores–this led us to believe that we were superfluous where the union was concerned.

In a democratic nation like ours there is a certain protocol to follow on all votes and elections. How would we like all elections and votes to be canceled because the ruling party perceives the outcome would be detrimental to their agenda? That is basically what local 881, UFCW, did to the rank and file of Treasure Island.

So for the John Rosens and others like him, walk in the footsteps that the Treasure Island employees walked in during negotiations. Then tell me that the employees were wrong for sticking together and banding against a dictatorial, undemocratic institution going by the name local 881, UFCW.

Mary O’Connor

Treasure Island Foods