To the editors:

I enjoyed James Krohe’s January 19 article about Mayor Daley’s GreenStreets program, and I wish Edith Makra the best of success in revitalizing Chicago’s urban forestry. But as a native of Akron, OH, I must object to Mr. Krohe’s derogatory reference to a Chicago without trees as little more than “an Akron with a lake.” If Krohe had ever been to Akron, he would know that per square mile Akron has both bigger and better trees, and probably more trees per capita, than does Chicago. Obviously a city the size of Akron has fewer urban forestry problems than does one the size of Chicago. But at least in terms of urban forestry, “an Akron with a lake” should be considered a positive model for Chicago’s GreenStreets program. Akron may not have everything to offer that Chicago does, but one thing it does have is lots of nice trees.

Carl Smeller

W. Farwell