To the editors:

The Reader makes me hopeful. I find, here and there in your pages, honest tremors of understanding of the truth that THE EMPEROR HAS NO CLOTHES! This greedy, slick, heartless and brainless government of ours has just completed an act of national masturbation at the cost of huge numbers of lives of totally dispensable foreigners, and at least a few people with public voices slip in comments now and then, almost gentle suggestions–which is what you must do when madness is so pervasive–that something might be wrong.

I think the criminals who did this for us will be brought to justice eventually, but presently they run things, and the heroism they have invented for themselves is generally accepted. They are as bankrupt, of course, as our economy, and the justice that will be served to them will be moral and historical–they will always be unaware of their wickedness and criminality because we won and we let them do it.

William Johnson

W. Palmer