To the editors:

I never thought that I would be writing to you. I always thought your paper was just a little too far to the left for me. There was a time I thought your paper was pro-communist. But I’m happy to admit I was wrong. FAR LEFT. YES. PRO COMMIE. NO.

I was very surprised to see your paper published a story on Audie Murphy [“Reading: The Last American War Hero,” October 20]. He is the last person I thought you would care to write about. True American Heroes has never been your best suit. But even a conservative like me can be wrong. And in this case I’m pleased to state I’m glad I’m wrong. I only wish from time-to-time you will write (publish) stories about our “WAR” heroes. We can use more of them. It is a shame and it is sad how little Americans know about men like Audie Murphy.

I knew Audie Murphy quite well. In fact we had lunch together at “FRITZEL’S” the day before he took off on a real estate deal in Georgia. His small plane crashed on the Memorial weekend of 1971. This ought to tell you something. . . . . His death only rated a few lines on the evening newscasts.

When I look at what we call heroes today I want to puke.

Once again I want to say “THANKS” for making an Old Soldier feel good.

William Lichtman

N. Lake Shore Dr.