Dear Reader:

The Real Live Brady Bunch closed at the Annoyance Theatre over two years ago. And even with this great passage of time, the Reader [Calendar, March 25], as well as most theatergoers, are still asking, IS THERE LIFE AFTER THE BRADY BUNCH?

This is not so much a question as it is a statement about the Annoyance since the Soloways left. With the exception of a FEW actors, the Soloways took all of Mick’s top performers. This is evident with the constant resurgence of shows like Tippi Portrait of a Virgin and Manson the Musical. Two shows directed by two of the people that Napier was so embarrassed to see on TV waiting for laughs. It’s also odd how Napier wasn’t saying “God please don’t mention the Annoyance Theatre” when Rolling Stone, Newsweek, People, and the rest came courting the little shop on Broadway. And Mick wasn’t too bored or resistant when it came time to take Tuesday night’s house to the bank. Stupid as it was, that show made a shit load of money for the Annoyance. It also launched a few television careers in the process, with the exception of Mick’s, that is.

Jack Helbig is a theater critic and not an investigative reporter. If he was, if he had just dug a little bit more he would have unearthed a lurid tale of jealousy, stupidity, cultlike behavior, back stabbing, black lists, pogroms, success, failure, and all that wild stuff that comes with that wild show biz life-style! MAN OH MAN! If only Jack had dug he would have had a great cover story instead of ending up with a big WE’VE MOVED sign. Shit!

Faith Soloway is a great composer. Her music can still be heard every weekend at the Annoyance.

Actor currently in the witness protection program