True Punk

Dear Frederick Mosher:

I was wondering, since when were Pearl Jam [March 4] ever considered a sellout? I always thought they were four studio musicians and a wacky guy who decided to “catch the wave.”

In your feeble mind, Pearl Jam is the product of the unlikely union between stadium and “punk” rock. Their stadium rock heritage is apparent and, indeed, Pearl Jam is as “punk” rock as the Ramones or the Sex Pistols in that they too are trained monkeys with distorted guitars mimicking Buddy Holly songs. Isn’t this all a little banal? I guess you’re just doing your job.

You assume that Pearl Jam are concerned with their lack of respect among “punks.” Is Eddie “the glamour boy” Vedder losing sleep over the opinions of some kid outside the Dunkin’ Donuts at Belmont and Clark? Or is it only you losing sleep over keeping your faithful Q101 listeners–I mean, your readers–interested? I guess you’re just doing your job.

Any so-called “punk” backlash that you perceive comes from the same ferrets who think Nirvana is “punk” rock. Only idiots give Pearl Jam enough weight to get angry about their lack of “punk” credibility. Only bigger idiots waste their time and some shitty rag’s space writing about it. Eddie Vedder could no more make a “punk” rock record than reach into his butt crack and discover one. Then again, he’s just doing his job.

Blow it out your ass,