After reading your April 14th cover story in Section Three I was left feeling that some very consequential information was missing. Though WBEZ does not include local or avant-garde jazz programming on their jazz show, this music does have a home in the Chicago area. WNUR’s jazz program runs weekday mornings and has a focus on local and avant-garde musicians. This fact may not have been applicable to the slant of your article but I think it is still worthy of some exposure. The goal of independent radio is to make available what cannot be heard on the other commercial stations. If the local musicians and the avant-garde already have a platform in Chicago, what is the point of duplication? The “easy,” “smooth” jazz favored by WBEZ may not be my cup of tea, or yours, or a lot of people’s, but it has a market, and it’s not being played anywhere else. As long as the local musicians and other purveyors of more creative jazz can be heard somewhere, isn’t that what really matters? I am not in any way affiliated with WNUR, other than that I am an avid listener, I just feel that other Chicago residents might like to know where they can hear this type of music on local radio.

Kallan Mrozek