To the editors:

I read the piece you had a couple of weeks ago about Stuart Rosenberg/WBEZ/Earth Club/Radio Gumbo [Hot Type, November 26]. WBEZ has canceled the best radio shows I’ve ever heard in Chicago. It was quite startling to see a picture of the host, Stuart Rosenberg, because I had an image of him based on his voice and the amazing music that he put together. I felt like I was sitting in his home, and he was just taking records from his shelf, and could come up with the greatest combinations of things. Now of course I’m kicking myself for not recording some of these broadcasts!

The guy who made the decision to cancel these shows is mistaken if he thinks that anything on Chicago radio is providing anything like what Stuart was putting on. Another thing that makes it such a strange progression is: Why cancel him only after feeling that what he was doing warranted two separate broadcasts per week?

Anyway, the best we had (again!) is gone . . .

Thanks so very much for what you were able to do, Stu.

Dan Cochrane

W. Willow