To the editors:

Lee Sandlin’s story Just a Weekend in the Big City in the October 22 issue I found interesting and well written. I am, however, troubled by the tone of the brief characterization of Rudolf Steiner’s work and of his particular contributions to child development and education referred to in the story. A basic understanding of his educational thought, which now lies at the foundation of more than 500 independent schools worldwide (sometimes called Waldorf schools) would make comprehensible the isolated example given about discouraging the use of TV and video games for young children. Their use is discouraged, in favor of more creative activity, as a way of strengthening the capacity for true literacy and the living awareness of our environment so essential to the healthy development of thoughtful approaches to the great challenges we all face.

David Brewster

W. Sherwin

PS: The Waldorf School in Chicago offers a monthly orientation morning to anyone interested. Tel 327-0079.