To the editor:

No sooner does Ben Joravsky take the Chicago Public Library to task for errors of fact and form [November 10] than his butt-saving proofreaders go on vacation, leaving his tokhes to twist in the wind [November 24]. (If you know not whither I refer, dear editor, take care to review Mr. Joravsky’s recent columns; therein lies a sore thumb.) One might take comfort–viz. library commissioner Mary Dempsey–that few children die as a result of orthographic folly. (Though many’s the child has relied on her librarian to sustain the life of the mind. The Reader, which addresses itself to young adults–old enough to vote, young enough to slouch no more after than before a night on a futon–might, as they say, beat this rap.) One suspects, however, that such matters are taken seriously at the Reader, that the recent debacle, though undoubtedly a fluke, has prompted no little mortification of the staff. (While our commissioner stands impenitent, having lied in the confessional.) Indeed, if the copy that was printed represented Mr. Joravsky’s unedited draft, he is to be congratulated on achieving a clarity certain other writers appear to require be thrust upon them. (One might note, at the cost of revealing a Goldian penchant for prosaic self-abuse, that the Culture Club’s style changes with every shift in the masthead. “Lewis Lazare” would seem to be either a collective pseudonym or an impressionable hack made right by successive journeyman editors.) But I digress. Begging your forbearance, I remain,

Your faithful reader (“r” lowercased, right-facing),

Abigail Laughton

“Lake View” (sic)