To the editors:

Tom Valeo didn’t lie. His 11-20-87 review of Stage Left Theatre Company’s A Different Moon was by gosh unfair, just as he promised. I must admit, however, that other words came to mind as I finished reading it–words like “condescending,” “unprofessional,” and “self-indulgent.” It seems to me that a reviewer perceptive enough to know that comparing the current Stage Left production with a completely unrelated Next Theatre production of the same play five years ago would be unfair, might also have had the courtesy and self-discipline to refrain from the irrelevant, odious exercise. Unfair reviews do not become more fair when they are proudly announced as such–that only makes them also perplexing and annoying, especially when the reviewer’s observations relevant to the current production show an intelligence great enough to preclude the need for such devices.

Stephen Gawronski

Hammond, Indiana