To the editors:

Regarding “The War of the Words” [September 13] . . . It’s common knowledge among those with more than a passing interest in UFOs that Philip Klass is a government-paid disinformation specialist. As such, he certainly isn’t known affectionately as “Phil” among those attending UFO conferences, as writer Cate Plys would have us believe, and he sure as hell isn’t followed around by hordes of UFOlogists afflicted with love-hate complexes. Hordes of this nature exist only in Plys’s imagination, and where this government stooge is concerned, believe me, there is no love. Klass is afforded no undeserved respect. He is simply viewed as a 24 carat asshole, and he is treated with the contempt he so richly deserves.

From writer Plys’s gross misrepresentations of Klass’s role at the MUFON conference and his stature in the UFO community, I would have to conclude that Plys is either on the same payroll as is Klass or is just woefully ignorant of the facts of the matter, in which case he/she has no business even wasting our time with all this mumbo jumbo. Upon further reflection, given the fact that Plys attempts to portray the level of the discussion of the Roswell incident in UFOlogy as the equivalent of a professional wrestling match, it would appear as though he/she might be both–an ignorant stooge. In that sense, Plys would have a whole lot in common with her accomplice Klass.

The validity of this analysis is seen in Plys’s idiotic discussion of both the crop circle phenomenon and the Hudson Valley incident. Plys went out of his/her way to throw in the latest nonsense–that obvious disinformation bullshit about two old Englishmen running around making all those circles. Next, Plys will be joining the Chicago Tribune in telling us the old guys are over here making all the circles showing up in the United States, too. Those old guys would then be demonstrating more energy than 99 percent of all Americans, most of whom are too fucking lazy to even investigate the greatest mystery in this history of the human species. And given his/her half-assed report, this would include Cate Plys.

If we can believe the accuracy of anything Plys reports at this point, someone named Spear attending the conference did deign to speak to Klass about crop circles. From what I can gather from the supposed conversation, Spear made a complete ass out of Klass, but Plys practically begs us to support Klass in the matter because Spear was supposedly too “smug.” Worse yet, he was “very east coast.” Oh, my God! And to top it off, assuming we’re still not ready to kill any bastard with the audacity to question our “hero” Klass: “Spear wore a red sweat suit top with the zipper down just enough to let out tufts of curly gray chest hair, red shorts a tad too short for his age, and deck shoes with no socks.” Really disgusting, eh? Plys would have us reject his superior knowledge because of his particular style of dress. This laughable maneuver further proves that Plys is as pathetic, if not more pathetic, than the asshole he/she has most likely been paid to promote to further confuse the confused. Because that’s how the government wants it. After all, it has been covering up and confusing the issue for at least 44 years now.

I might add here that Plys even went so far as to note that Spear “stood with crossed arms, lowered chin, and a serious frown.” Perhaps his greatest sin as far as Plys is concerned. Spear didn’t take the entire proceedings as the big joke the ignorant stooge Plys obviously thinks it is, or more importantly, wants us to think it is.

Plys’s statement that the “Hudson Valley (boomerang-shaped UFO incident) has been largely dismissed as the work of amateur pilots” is an outright lie since nothing of the sort has taken place in the UFO community. Just the opposite as a matter of fact. However, since this lie is part of Klass’s disinformation package, it’s just fine as far as his accomplice Plys is concerned. Only another disinformation specialist or a complete fool would take at face value anything Philip Klass had to say. For Plys’s sake he/she had better be an accomplice because if he/she isn’t, then he/she is even worse than a fool because he/she went so far as to comment that “Like God, Klass is often referred to with a simple pronoun.” Can you imagine anyone idiotic enough to compare the likes of Philip Klass to God?!? It truly boggles the mind.

In Plys’s totally ridiculous summary of his/her discussion with author Don Schmitt, Plys would have us believe that Schmitt and those in his company were simply terrified by the “omnipresent” Klass. Omnipresent . . . like God, again? Give us a break! As far as this observer can see, about the only thing we can conclude from Cate Plys’s idiotic presentation is that he/she is such a buffoon that he/she should relegate himself/herself to circus performances in the future. Deadly serious matters like UFOlogy cannot be left to clowns, especially well-paid clowns whose primary purpose is to make idiots out of us. Hopefully, the Reader itself will exercise a little more discretion in this crucial area the next time around.

For those who, unlike Plys and Klass, are interested in some serious literature on the UFO phenomenon, I would suggest beginning with Clear Intent by Lawrence Fawcett and Barry Greenwood, Extra-Terrestrials Among Us by George Andrews, Uninvited Guests by Richard Hall, Missing Time and Intruders, both by Budd Hopkins, and Cosmic Top Secret by William Hamilton III. I can’t say “pleasant reading” because, as William Bramley notes in The Gods of Eden: “The UFO appears more and more to be one of the grimmest realities ever confronted by the human race.”

Bob Archer


Cate Plys replies:

To avoid any further disinformation, the correct gender-specific references for me are “she,” “her,” and “herself.”