To the editors:

I’d like to express our appreciation for your coverage of the status of the Commonwealth Edison/City electric franchise negotiations, which appeared in Harold Henderson’s article of October 12, 1990 [“Com Ed Watch: Keeping Us in the Dark”]. Henderson did an excellent job of outlining the complexities of the issue and the political ramifications of the extension debate. It’s the kind of coverage we need more of, if Chicagoans are going to be able to make an informed decision.

I feel the need to raise one additional point. The Center for Neighborhood Technology has indeed been a frequent critic of Commonwealth Edison; however, we were surprised and disappointed to see the Center referred to as “Edison bashers.”

CNT’s criticism of Commonwealth Edison has always been and always will be based on sound research, independently verified, on matters such as comparable rates with other jurisdictions, expenditure patterns on energy efficiency, attitudes towards competition, and content analysis of their public messages.

It is true that we are an organization of activists–and proud of it. Our activism aims to provide the tools for informed debate, encourage diverse leadership on critical issues of energy, environment and economy, and in particular foster equitable public policies that recognize the rights of neighborhoods, their residents, businesses and institutions.

Please do continue your in-depth coverage of this issue–it’s critical to a meaningful outcome.

Scott Bernstein


Center for Neighborhood Technology