To the editors:

To the young lady who was inspired to see black yuppies in Chicago [City File, May 15]: She should have realized that many blacks consider the black yuppie nothing more than a modern “Uncle Tom” who has sacrificed all of his cultural and historic values just to get a small crumb of the economic pie. Many of these black yuppies talk white (especially slang), dress white, adopt white culture (instead of their own) and kiss every white ass in reach. But the worst part of the black yuppie is that they feel that they are a “higher” level of black downplaying the color issue in order not to rock the boat. How can a black yuppie be a role model with such an attitude?

Vincent Daley

N. Laramie

PS: I am black and from the west side. I’m a senior at Loyola and I work at a downtown law firm. I see these “black yuppies” every day.