To the editors:

Re: “Children of the Holocaust” [July 6]

Why the cover-up of the greatest crime in history committed by Jews against Jews and for over 50 years kept suppressed until now first mentioned in the June 21, 1990, Chicago Sentinel?

Here are the harrowing undisputed facts:

The Orthodoxy in Europe divided the Jews long before the Holocaust by cooperating with the Nazis by preventing the Hundreds of Thousands of young Jews in Europe, willing and able even to walk to Israel, to escape from the slaughter, well known to every young and old what the Nazis had in store.

Instead of facilitating the escape, the Orthodoxy in full control of the Jewish communal life in Europe, imposed their will upon the young Jews, to wait for the Messiah.

The Orthodoxy themselves did not wait for the Messiah. Before the Ghetto walls closed in and with the monies entrusted to them (mostly dowries) by millions of poor Jews they found safe haven in London, New York, Jerusalem and even in Shanghai.

When the Nazis in Warsaw faced the dilemma of not having enough bullets to suppress any resistance of 500,000 Jews in the Ghetto, the Orthodoxy came up with a brilliant solution by declaring that “If the will of God is for us to die, we should not resist.” Thus, the Jews of Warsaw were led like sheep to the slaughter, to the gas chambers of Treblinka.

With the millions of dollars, which do not belong to them, the Orthodox offsprings could afford now to campaign in their self interests, against the democratic State of Israel, which still is and will remain their only assurance of continued Jewish survival, contrary to the dogmas the religious fanatics try to force down our throats.

If a State of Israel would have existed, there would not have been an Inquisition in Spain, pogroms in Europe and elsewhere and certainly not a Holocaust. The attempt by Joseph Stalin to start his own holocaust against the Jews in Soviet Russia, initiated with false accusations against the Jewish doctors, demonstrated the moral strength of the sovereign state of Israel.

The infantile reasoning of some fanatics is that not observing the Sabbath, Shavuot, Succoth and other holidays is a terrible crime, but the stealing millions of dollars from poor Jews in Europe, abandoning them, preventing the escape of Jews from a certain annihilation, being an accessory to the genocide and using the illicitly accumulated wealth to undermine the existence of the State of Israel, is not a crime.

The question is whether by adapting the garb of the Polish anti-Semitic nobility of 300 years ago, fit for Halloween and conducting disruptive activities against Israel, and not recognizing the Jewish State won by the noblest sacrifices of its gallant soldiers, and falsely claiming that the genocide of over a million of our precious little children was the will of God? Does such barbaric reasoning and conduct justify the name of an Orthodox Jew? Certainly not.

Where is their dedication to Israel, where is the loyalty to its causes? If this is not treason, then what is?

Like the case against Adolph Eichmann, it is mandatory to bring this tragic historical truth in the open, so that some Orthodox leaders be brought before an Israeli Court of Justice for betrayal of their calling, together with some of the Catholic clergy for their bloody deeds, and until then to isolate them, to deny any support, to rend them harmless until they mend their misguided criminal ways and be held responsible for complicity in the greatest crime in history.

You the reader be the judge.

Jacob Sampson, PhD, ME

Auschwitz ex-prisoner