To the editors:

White racism has always been a favorite topic of your paper. The article “Who Killed Carlos Portis?” [December 4] was another example of that.

What I’ve often wondered though is why your paper has never done a story about black racism. There certainly is no shortage of that in this city.

In the article the author says many whites in Chicago refer to blacks as “niggers.” That’s true but it’s also true that many blacks use derogatory terms for whites. Why is that never condemned? Why is it that whenever there is any discussion of racism it is always only white racism that’s mentioned? Why is there never any criticism of black racism in your paper?

I know that black racism exists. I’ve experienced it and so have many other white people.

The author says that white racism is very much alive in America and he obviously believes that Carlos Portis was killed by white racists.

Perhaps he was but I can just as easily say that black attacks on whites, which are almost always classified as ordinary street crimes, are in reality examples of black racism against whites.

Last year a young white woman was attacked on the west side by a gang of blacks. They beat her, raped her, stabbed her 40 times, and smashed her skull with a concrete block.

If someone had submitted a story speculating that racism was the motive for the attack would your paper have published it? Obviously not, but if the skin colors were reversed in that incident your paper would love doing a story about how the attack was a result of white racism.

What I would like to see is some fairness. If racism is to be a favorite topic of your paper then do stories on black racism too.

M. Flanagan

N. Christiana