Dear Mr. Jones,

We must have seen different movies. The movie I saw, Metallica: Some Kind of Monster [Section Two, April 2], was about real people working together and separately to grow mentally, physically, and spiritually. The band members are legendary to the fans, and this movie illustrated that they are real ordinary people. The movie gave me hope that we can all improve. As a lifelong fan of Metallica, I was insulted by your appraisal of the movie, the music, the director, and the band members.

For example, what in the movie would make you think I would throw away my Metallica records? The records are terrific. Why was it so upsetting to you that the band spent $40,000 a month to receive therapy and to “help them express their feelings”? More people could use such therapy. There would be less divorces, crime, and abuse if more people entertained such therapy. Your characterization of the band members as being lazy, greedy, and frightened to break up is unsupported, salacious, and ridiculous. You also suggest that they hate each other (I disagree), but in any event you must admit that they also love each other, because they are like a family.

Finally, calling the band members self-absorbed idiots and hopeless wimps is particularly insulting and demeaning. Name-calling is a better name for your review. It is not the movie that has insulted the fans of Metallica, but you with your callous, nonspecific, irreverent review of a hopeful, important movie. I believe you will be eating your hat when it wins the Oscar next year.

Fredrick T. French III