Kudos to Michael Miner for keeping a spotlight on the Catholic Church’s global campaign against gays by answering a letter from a reader who wondered if “in the next ten years or so the ‘global campaign’ would do more harm to gays than their own ‘self-inflicted wounds (AIDS)'” [Hot Type, August 15].

Mr. Miner replies that “it is true that the deepest wounds are often self-inflicted.” It is a universally accepted principle that risky behavior such as unsafe sex and IV drug use stem from a person’s feelings of shame and/or worthlessness. Example: I am evil, therefore I deserve to get AIDS.

By initiating a global campaign against gays, the pedophiliac-protecting Catholic Church sets up the exact conditions needed for youth who are questioning their sexuality to internalize and act out upon their moral state of “evil.” The church, in a “razzle-dazzle ’em” attempt to avert attention from its institutionalized depravity, creates a whole new generation of “self-inflicted wounds.” (Similar to the Bush agenda: Osama and Saddam still missing, hold press conference and kick gays.)

To quote Woody Allen’s Hannah and Her Sisters, “If Jesus ever returned and saw all the things people are doing in His name, He’d never stop throwing up.”

Tom Hartman

N. Magnolia