This letter serves as a formal introduction of Gha-is Askia, Democratic candidate for state senator in the 13th Legislative District. Your December 8 issue feted the cover story, “What Makes Obama Run?” and included a gross error by stating there was no opposition. As a candidate who officially declared in February my supporters and I take exception to this fact.

More importantly, we welcome the opportunity to personally meet with the Reader’s editorial board to discuss my candidacy and the issues we feel warrant immediate attention in the 13th Legislative District.

Finally, I would like to close by requesting “equal time,” i.e., a cover story covering my candidacy in the Reader. In the meantime to immediately address the horrendous void you have now created by incorrectly stating there is no opposition, I have enclosed a one-page fact sheet/biographical sketch, which I hope can be printed in this week’s Reader as a temporary “stop-gap” measure.

Thanks for your time and consideration regarding this matter.

Gha-is Askia

Democratic Candidate

13th Legislative District

Hank De Zutter replies:

Thanks for the correction.