Dear Reader,

The city may have exhausted every conventional option to save the Huntley house [Neighborhood News, October 11], but they certainly didn’t exhaust every option.

Efforts to move the house didn’t pan out. They didn’t think of moving the house up.

The condo development could have been redesigned so the Huntley house would have become a penthouse. The house could have been placed temporarily on a vacant lot, parking lot, or even in the middle of a little used street.

A crane or cranes would then place the house on the new structure. This wouldn’t cost much or even anything. Vertical house moving simply isn’t done. This could be a free demonstration to prove the viability of the concept. If successful, a whole new avenue is opened up in urban planning.

It is too late for the Huntley house, but maybe other structures can be saved in the future with just a little bit more creative thinking.

James Reyes

N. Elston