To the editors:

The letter from Bernard Hyland (July 17th) is as much a vicious, hateful attack on Mildred Taylor as he claims her article is on those she met during her “Day in New York” [June 19]. Ms. Taylor understandably felt fearful, angry, and paranoid. What is Mr. Hyland’s excuse?

Ms. Taylor’s article was a realistic personal description of her experience although it probably was typical of many in pre-Roe v. Wade days. I think it also accurately describes the anguish women still feel when making a difficult personal decision that will affect them the rest of their lives, and the fear that still lingers due to clinic-bombers.

Mr. Hyland complains about being exposed to “extreme detail.” Would he also object if a man writing about his battle experiences mentioned the word “blood,” because it might offend squeamish readers?

The article is important because it doesn’t campaign for or against abortion, but rather reveals how intensely personal a matter it is; ultimately a decision a woman must make on her own. It was a decision that I made, and although I remain convinced it was the right thing to do, Ms. Taylor reminded me of what a difficult choice it was.

name withheld