To the editors:

Thank you for highlighting what wonderful companions rabbits are [“A Real Bunny Club,” July 9]. One correction, however: Guinevere, the lovely Angora pictured in your article’s accompanying photo, was actually adopted from Red Door Animal Shelter by Jan Rebmann (also pictured) after several other shelters, including the Chicago House Rabbit Society, refused to take in the rabbit.

Though rabbits are the third most popular pet in the United States, they are frequently misunderstood and mistreated, often abandoned after the Easter season passes. Domesticated house rabbits cannot possibly survive outdoors, where many dangers await them. Some of the lucky ones end up at Red Door Animal Shelter in Chicago, where they are cared for until homes can be found for them.

We were thrilled to unite Jan and Guinevere, and we thank the Reader for telling their story, as well as that of other rabbits around Chicago who need homes.

Jennifer Whorf

West Rogers Park

Lydialyle Gibson replies:

What my article said–that prior to being delivered to Jan Rebmann at the BunnyFest picnic, Guinevere had been staying with a shelter volunteer in Indiana–isn’t incorrect, but, as you point out, it may be incomplete. I never mentioned what shelter she came from; it was indeed Red Door.

The House Rabbit Society may well have rejected Guinevere, as it doesn’t accept animals from individuals as a matter of policy. The HRS rescues rabbits from shelters–usually those that euthanize–and places them with foster owners until permanent homes can be found.