To the Editor,

Chicagoans are indebted to the Reader and Ben Joravsky for a masterful job of exposing CHA chairman Vincent Lane as the malicious and incompetent despot he has always been (Neighborhood News, 7/22/94).

Clearly, Lane’s singular focus regarding former CHA maintenance supervisor David Coleman is on ruining the lives of Coleman and his family. Why else would the CHA spare no expense in hiring not one but three downtown law firms to prosecute Coleman, even after he had been cleared of all charges by the Cook County Circuit Court?

This is the type of manager Lane is, prioritizing time-consuming, worthless, and often vengeful pursuits rather than working to meet the housing needs of disadvantaged individuals. The result is fiascos such as the recent CHA pension fund embezzlement which, predictably, Lane absolves himself of all responsibility for.

The current issue of N’Digo contains an interview with Lane which further illustrates his refusal to acknowledge his own complicity in the problems of the CHA. I urge all Reader readers to send Ben Joravsky’s article as well as N’Digo’s feature on Lane to Mayor Daley, HUD Secretary Henry Cisneros, and President Clinton so that they too will know the true character of this charlatan.

Ken Douglass

E. 44th St.