To the editors:

In response to your May 12 lead article, “Babies Wanted,” I feel that a very serious point is being missed. The couples involved want babies, and claim to have always wanted families. They want babies to care for and show “love.” A few years ago, these aging yuppies would have said that their career was fulfilling enough, but now, with the advent of thirtysomething and baby boom, caring for babies has become hip, in, the thing to do. Having discovered that no amount of MBAs, condos, BMWs or money can buy happiness, they have decided to try the latest craze, babies. This is obvious from their attitudes towards what kind of baby they will accept. In almost all of the cases, they make demands, or rather, specifications, as if they were ordering a car with options. WANTED: one white, normal, non-Jewish, blonde haired, blue eyed, male infant, must like Mozart and public television, for a deeply caring professional couple who are missing that certain thirtysomething in life. If these couples really cared about the children involved at all, if they had any actual love in their hearts, they would not make these demands. Handicapped children need love and attention, too. Much more attention than these people are obviously willing to put out. While screening of applicants by traditional adoption agencies is necessary, they likewise put their agendas ahead of the child’s needs, by putting restraints on the child’s religious upbringing. Love is what is promised, and love is what these children need. They should not be bought and sold at the whim of a church or a member of America’s new elite rich class looking for fulfillment. Our priorities need a serious looking into until these children are given the first priority.

William Grewe-Mullins