To the editors:

The reason for building a new central library was lack of space in the old central library. The City Planning Dept. forgot this. Great halls and atria should have been prohibited. Thus, we are confronted with choosing the best of a bad lot contrary to Ed Zotti’s assertion [“One for the Books,” June 10]. This is sad. Only Thomas Beeby’s entry is free of the wasteful interior spaces. Costs could be reduced by eliminating undesirable amenities such as restaurants, shops, and C.T.A. access apparently required by the Planning Dept. which have no place in a library.

In reading the resolution of the library directors naming the new library after Harold Washington, I realized that his unique connection to the library was that he appointed or retained the library directors. He is, in fact, irrelevant to the library in the same sense as the recently discarded name, Abraham Lincoln School of Medicine, or Woodrow Wilson Road, the name briefly applied to Western Ave. after Wilson’s death which the City Council removed after widespread public complaint. We seem to have lost a sense of outrage. The only name that is admirable, renowned, and relevant to the Chicago Public Library is William Frederick Poole. How about the William Frederick Poole Central Library? I’m for it 100%!

Stuart H. Simon

N. Burling