Hey Wyman and his fool editors–

You limp-dick candy-ass little yuppie scum faggot–I ain’t no Deadhead but I do respect the dead–Jerry Garcia doesn’t deserve the trashing you gave him [Hitsville, August 25], you pond-scum buttfuck lily-livered limp-wristed piece of shit sad excuse for a human being.

So here’s what we’ve decided your punishment is–I know you’re going to dismiss this as hyperbole and simple letting off of steam for another stupid-ass thing you’ve said or done–wrong.

One night soon when you least expect it, punk, your fragile little fascia will be torn and shredded in a very painful way–hope you’ve got hospitalization or health care benefits coming from your role as a prostitute at the Reader.

You went too far and now the pain you’ll soon be dealt will be payback for your utterly ridiculous false belief that you can kick a dead man and get away with it–when the ambulance wheels you to the emergency room after your payback, maybe, just maybe your editors at the Reader will realize that there’s a fine line between free speech and disrespecting and trashing defenseless dead guitar players–you should all get your fuckin’ yuppie shit together.