All one has to do is look one ward to the north and one ward to the south of Helen Shiller’s and see what Uptown could be: a ward with mom-and-pop retail, unique restaurants, businesses, and a sense of community. The 46th Ward [“Helen’s Voters,” March 30] is the place where taxicabs whiz through quickly to get to Wrigleyville or Andersonville.

Shiller’s mind-set is this: keep the sidewalks dirty, don’t do anything to renovate parks or facilitate street fairs of any kind, complain about residents who call the police about vagrant drunks passed out on sidewalks as high-maintenance condo-royalty, and keep people dependent on public aid.

What do you get? Gang shootings at 4 PM in front of the Wilson el stop, blatant prostitution, loitering and drug dealing on Broadway, and an environment where class warfare is perpetuated by the alderman, her staff, and her supporters, who repeatedly tell those of us who are concerned with public safety to “move to Lincoln Park.”

The road she has paved for our ward is unacceptable and insulting to residents of any income level.

Wendy Nowicki