Dear Editor,

What a pleasure it was to see Irene Siegel back after her long absence from the Chicago art scene [June 9]! And what a pleasure it is to see a feature about a Chicago area artist as the front page feature of the Reader, instead of junkies, masturbation machines, foreskin restorations, or crotch-grabbing disc jockeys. My compliments to Martin Northway for his work on this clear, levelheaded article, and I hope the Reader will be giving more feature space to visual art in Chicago in the future.

I must take exception, however, with Irene Siegel’s statement that when her Sulzer Library mural was attacked the art world “didn’t rise up.” Perhaps she’s forgotten that the Chicago Artists’ Coalition was at every meeting about the mural, showing support for Siegel’s efforts, reporting the proceedings in our newspaper, and recommending that area artists show their support for her work. Support from the big institutions in town may not have happened (how often do the museums come to the aid of individual artists?), but many of her fellow artists indeed rallied behind her efforts.

Welcome back to active duty, Irene! It’s been too long.

Arlene Rakoncay

Executive Director

Chicago Artists’ Coalition