Your cover story [“Antenna Invasion,” July 23] will make people look up to see the growing number of cell antennas and towers around us. Regarding “there isn’t much you can do,” there is much you can do in the city of Chicago.

You can pressure your alderman and Mayor Daley to give us the following facts: cell tower/antenna locations, amount of money being paid to the property owners, process involved for city approval, the cell antenna/tower neighborhood notification, person(s) liable for possible disease and brain-altering effects, the city’s approval process for school building installations, why are some towers in Chicago closer than a quarter mile from each other, which is going against the city zoning ordinance?

We have been trying to get this information through letters and Freedom of Information Act requests for five months.

Why are our requests being ignored for these facilities pulsating microwave radiation 24 hours a day, seven days a week?

Kathleen J. Cummings


Teacher, Residents United for Safe Technology (TRUST)