A longtime fan of Cecil Adams and his Straight Dope books, I was very pleased to see him address the important issue of same-sex marriage [January 28]. As usual, he has addressed the issue in a rational and knowledgeable manner.

I would like to point out that here in California we have taken it one step farther than the legislature. Rather than the courts or legislature decide on the subject, we are gathering signatures for a November ballot initiative that would change the state constitution to make same-sex marriage the exact equivalent of heterosexual marriage. When we say “yes” to this vital change, fairness and equality in this arena will have begun, not by a vote of nine judges or 100 representatives, but 10,000,000 everyday people. That will transform society. The proposition is very simple, and its full text can be found on the Web site www.samesexmarriage.org.

And as far as the point about the nonsexual roommates applying to get married, that same situation could happen today with nonsexual opposite-sex roommates, and indeed there are cases of gay men and lesbians marrying each other for the benefits.

Rev. Dr. Mark Shirilau

Irvine, California