Don’t know much about history? Don’t know much biology? Well, you can either retake those classes you slept through the first time or spend an evening watching the Galileo Players’ new revue, A Comedic Tour of the Universe. Forgoing stale send-ups of current events, celebrities, and relationships, this smart production digs out the humor in science, philosophy, and other painfully academic topics using a lively combination of comic scenes, improvisation, and songs. In one skit, a college genetics experiment led by a lisping TA with control issues goes horribly awry; in another, the first two people on earth emerge from the primordial ooze and heatedly speculate as to their origins. Needless to say, one’s a creationist, the other an evolutionist. In a later bit, Nero throws a temper tantrum and orders Seneca to kill himself, which he does, after commenting on what a raw deal he’s getting. Heady material, yes, but accessible as presented by this ensemble, which features Chicago improv regulars Ronnie Feldman, Tom Flanigan, Megan Kellie, Jennifer Shepard, and Tim Sniffen, directed by Matt Hovde. Don’t be intimidated if you find an audience conspicuously full of math and science teachers (as I did on July 22); that level of understanding is not required. Fair warning, however: one smarty-pants will be chosen as the house “genius” each night after some (mostly painless) audience participation. A Comedic Tour of the Universe runs Tuesdays through August 19 at 111 W. Campbell in Arlington Heights. Performances start at 8 PM; call 847-577-2121 or see for more information.