To the editors:

I read David Moberg’s account of Joe Kinney’s crusade [January 31]. He is an unusual man. But his way of doing things appears destructive not only to himself but people he really needs, like his family and friends. The man in probably every other way is probably a sweetheart. But to maintain that stress is the cause of weight problems, that poorly designed work places and aging the causes of back problems, that newer office buildings are the cause of smoke accumulation is to divert people from some of the real causes. And that is that people make terrible choices in what they eat, how much and what kind of exercises they do and what kind of smoking habits they have.

Both unions and employers have to address these issues with the same intensity Joe Kinney goes after Domino Pizza and David Moberg writes an article about workplace health without once saying anything about any of this. People who really take care of their bodies often take care of their minds. They not only make good employees, they make excellent union people. That is, they are people who are very sensitive to pollution and other environmental issues. Employers with these kinds of folks are going to have to be responsive.

Alfred D. Klinger

S. Kenwood