Your restaurant recommendations are usually good, but last issue misled us. We followed your rave review to Indie Cafe [“Almost as Good as Arun’s at a Tenth of the Price,” November 26] and found the situation disturbing instead of delightful as anticipated. The place was full at 6 PM on a Sunday evening. There were only two waitresses–but they were much more than waitresses. They were a combination of hostesses, busgirls, telephone order takers, cashiers, and waitresses. Consequently the service was the slowest I had ever experienced. We waited 20 minutes to get our wineglasses so we could pour our BYOB and then one hour and 45 minutes for our first course. We sat and watched these two young women race up and down in front of us, greet people at the door, take money, answer the phone, clear tables, and pour water. I hope they are paid very well for all their work and have very good health care coverage, because, unless they’re superhuman, their bodies and minds are likely to suffer mightily from such frantic labor.

The food was good but outperformed by the exertions of the waitresses.

Marion Karczmar

N. Lincoln

The owners of Indie Cafe say it’s all our fault–they were deluged with diners after our review ran. They say they’ve hired staff to deal with the increase in business.