The morning of my wedding, Catherine came over to help me get ready. She started putting my makeup on. I said, “Don’t put it so heavy.” She said, “Do you think that I would make you look terrible for your wedding day?”

The flowers came. My mother was a little woman, and she looked at her corsage and said, “I’m not wearing that. It’s too big for me.” So she took the whole corsage apart, and she made it smaller and put it on her coat.

Then Frank, the best man, comes running up. He says, “Don’t come to the church on time. Vince forgot your cross. He had to go back home to get it.”

I had a pearl cross that had belonged to my grandmother. I wore it for my first communion, and I was planning to wear it for my wedding. Vince had taken it home to fix so it would go on a chain, but he’d forgotten to bring it.

When Vince finally got to the church with the cross, the priest says, “Are you getting married today, son?”

“Well, I think so.”

“I haven’t any baptismal certificate.”

“My aunt was supposed to send it.”

“Well, she wrote me a letter and she said she couldn’t find what church you were baptized in. But she said she would swear on the Bible that you were baptized so, taking her word for it, I will marry you.”

Vince was in uniform. He was a PFC. Ma’s friend, Mrs. Carr, had a son in the navy. He was a lieutenant, and he was in uniform too. His mother says, “Son, roll that carpet down the aisle.” So there he is practically on his knees in front of this army private rolling the carpet down the aisle.

When Vince got back to base they made him a corporal. So I told him I got him promoted right away.